Personal shopper

Feeling overwhelmed by the choices out there, or tired of having to get different parts from all sorts of different places? Just get in touch for recommendations and quotes. 

  • I keep a range of switches and parts in my inventory - reducing the hassle and turnaround time.

  • I can purchase items on your behalf (deposit/advance payment may be required).

  • I work with trusted local laser cutters and 3d printers - if design files are available, I can commission customised cases/plates.

Traditional build service

If you have all the parts for your keyboard, just send them to me and I'll put it all together for you!

  • Soldering diodes/electronics

  • Switch modding (lubing/filming/spring swaps)

  • Soldering switches

  • Stabiliser tuning

  • Customizing layouts & flashing firmware

  • Mill-max hotswap socket installation

Prices vary according to the complexity of the build - for example, a typical 60/65% keyboard without switch modding would be about £30. 

I also do repairs!

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